Man and his Energy Bodies


Good morning. Let me ask you a question: Who is moving my hand? I AM moving my hand. When I’m driving my car who is driving my car? I AM driving my car. The I AM and the car are separate. As of yet, the car cannot drive itself, and even when self driving cars do become a reality they will still need some form of intelligence to drive the car. Going back to my hand. I AM moving my hand, implying the I AM and the hand are also seperate. The hand cannot move itself, it is dependant upon the I AM or consciousness or the thinker to send instructions via the physical brain and nervous system.

Therefore we have to clearly distinguish between the man and the bodies he dwells within.

By MAN, we mean the living, conscious, thinking self, the individual. By BODIES we mean the various encasings in which this self is enclosed. As you can see from this slide we have a physical body, an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body.

We are in the habit of thinking of ourselves as if we were our bodies. It is common to think we are our physical body, we are our emotions or we are our thoughts. We say I AM happy, but in the next moment we can feel sad. So just as we do not identify with our clothes, we should not identify with our bodies.

We use our bodies as we use our clothes, for a specific purpose, to move, to feel, to think and when they have served that purpose or when they become old and worn out we cast them off and put on fresh ones as the need arises. In death we shed our physical and etheric bodies and our consciousness resides in the emotional and mental bodies for a period of time.

Today we will focus only on the dense physical body and the etheric body. Why do I say dense physical body? Because in fact the etheric body also exists only on the physical plane.

It is well known to students of science that the smallest particles of matter never actually touch one another, even in the hardest of substances. It is well known that the spaces between them are always far greater than their own size so that there is ample room for other kinds of particles to lie in between.

Physical matter has in fact seven subdivisions: Solid, liquid, gas, etheric, super-etheric, sub atomic and atomic. In the 1920’s American chemist Irving Langmuir brought the awareness of the fourth state of matter to the scientific community and called it plasma and because sub atomic and atomic can be confused with chemical atoms for simplicity the four most subtle states can be called etheric 1-4.

We can perceive solids, liquids and some gases, but just because we can’t see or taste or smell the oxygen in the air does it mean it does not exist? Similarly it is possible to sensitize ourselves to observe and perceive more subtle energies.

Why etheric double? Because the etheric body is an exact duplicate of the dense physical body.

We have an etheric liver, lungs, and it is by means of the etheric double that life force or prana runs along the nerves of the body. The etheric double acts as an intermediary between the thoughts and feelings of the Self and their expression in the physical body. Science has proven that nerve cells communicate by passing an electrical signal across gaps or synaptic clefts via plasma or the etheric double as we are calling it.

Everything in nature works on the basis of yin and yang, or ebb and flow. OK take a nice big in breath, take another in breath, and another, and another. At some point we have to breathe out. In our physical body, we breath in oxygen, the respiratory system assimilates the energy into our cells and we breathe out carbon dioxide. We eat food, the nutrients are assimilated, and waste is excreted.

The etheric body works in the same way. We draw in fresh prana from the sun, air and earth via our breathe and spinning energy vortexes called chakras. Our nose is the main entry point for oxygen and food enters through our mouth. Chakras are the main entry point for prana. They spin in one direction to draw in prana, assimilate and distribute the prana into the etheric body via energy channels or meridians and spin in the opposite direction to release de-vitalised prana.

These energy channels or meridians are the etheric double of the physical neurological system. In Chinese medicine they manipulate the etheric body using acupuncture points on 12 main meridians, but just like the peripheral nervous system there are thousands or millions of meridian branches and the major acupuncture points relate to the main chakras. Other acupuncture points relate to minor and mini chakras.

To step back for a moment, you might wonder why I am discussing the Self and it’s subtle bodies? It’s like driving a car. Most of the time we get in the car, we turn on the ignition, press the accelerator, turn the steering wheel and press the brakes without thinking about spark plugs, throttle valves, rack and pinion gear or hydraulic fluid. It is only when something needs fixing that we need have to understand the deeper workings.

Similarly most of the time we manage to think, feel and move our body without a conscious understanding of the process. But when we experience mental, emotional or physical dis-ease it can be very beneficial to have a greater understanding of the workings of our personal vehicles.

The major chakras are like power stations that supply life energy to the endocrine glands and the major organs of body. When we experience stress or trauma the chakras can become congested or distorted and when the power station malfunctions the vital organs become diseased or sick.

Each of the major chakras controls and energises certain parts or systems of the body. I’m showing a few examples of that here. The throat chakra controls and energises the throat, thyroid and parathyroid glands and the whole endocrine system, the hearts chakra controls the physical heart and lungs, the thymus gland and the circulatory system and the navel chakra control the large and small intestines.

We all know the body is capable of healing itself at a certain rate. If we cut ourselves it will heal, if we get a cold or the flu the body will recover in time but if we increase the amount of prana or life energy in our etheric body it acts a catalyst, speeding up the natural bio-chemical reactions. The broken bone of a child heals very quickly while that of an elderly person heals very slowly. Why? Children have more life energy, prana.

To re-cap… you may be relieved to hear that you are not your body, not your emotion, not your thoughts, you are not even your mind, your mind is a subtle instrument, a subtle body of the self. We live in a sea of energy, prana, plasma, chi, ki, which is absorbed and distributed to our physical body by our etheric double using a complex network of meridians and chakras. With the right knowledge and understanding we can increase our vitality and transform mental, emotional and physical dis-ease through energy manipulation, energy healing or prana healing. Pranic healing is an ancient science and art and in the words of Albert Einstein: “the most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art & science”.

From a Speech entitled ‘Man and his Energy Bodies’ by Brighid Critchlow, oct 2018

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Brighid Critchlow