Advanced pranic healing

Advanced pranic healing


While Master Choa’s introductory text, Miracles Through Pranic Healing, contains basic instructions for beginners who want to learn this technique, Advanced Pranic Healing brings important information to more experienced practitioners of this ancients art. This is a textbook filled with techniques and methods for using ch’i and colour prana to produce very rapid healing. Master Choa explains his use of the eleven major chakras, colour prana and preventative healing techniques. He provides information about advanced pranic treatments, including specific treatment for various ailments such as: gastrointestinal, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, cancerous and blood disorders. Master Choa discusses divine healing and how the miracle of health is available to us all.

Advanced Pranic Healing is the textbook, standard reference work and essential reading for the GMCKS Advanced Pranic Healing Course.

Paperback Edition. Copyright © 1992 by Master Choa Kok Sui.
Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc, Philippines.

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