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pranic healing

‘improve your health’

Pranic Healing® is an ancient science and art of healing that utilises prana or ki or life energy to heal the whole physical body. Every person is surrounded and interpenetrated by a luminous energy body called the bio-plasmic body. In pranic healing the bio-plasmic body is cleansed, balanced and energised to accelerate the body’s natural healing process.


Arhatic Yoga

‘nourish your soul’

Arhatic Yoga® is a comprehensive system of spiritual practices that anyone can follow on a regular basis to rapidly and safely accelerate their spiritual development and increase their connection with their Divine Nature or Higher Soul. Simple physical and breathing exercises, purification practices and advanced meditations ensure rapid cleansing and development of the chakras, meridians and human aura.


discover the world of subtle energies…


“pranic healing is a science that uses laws of nature which people do not know or are not aware of. miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden laws of nature. miracles do not break the laws of nature; they are actually based on them.“

MCKS - Master Choa Kok Sui


twin hearts meditation

‘bless the earth’

Meditation on Twin Hearts® is a technique aimed at achieving cosmic consciousness or illumination. It is based on the principle that some of the major chakras are entry points or gateways to certain levels or horizons of consciousness. The ‘Twin Hearts’ refers to the heart chakra which is the centre of the emotional heart, and the crown chakra which is the centre of the divine heart.


superbrain yoga

‘energize your brain’

Superbrain Yoga® can provide the ‘energy fuel’ that can keep our brain fit and functional. Several research studies have shown it can help counter the common mental effects of ageing, help improve concentration and the academic performance of children and students and improve the focus, behaviour and social skills of children with a variety of disabilities including ADHD/ADD, developmental and cognitive delays, Down syndrome and specific learning disabilities.