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Basic Pranic Healing Course - Nelson

  • 41 View Mount, Stoke Nelson, Nelson, 7011 New Zealand (map)


* Learn about the subtle energy body & energy centres

* Learn how to scan, feel and sense subtle energies

* Learn how to heal yourself, your friends & loved ones

* Cleanse & energise your chakras or energy centres

* De-stress & energise with Pranic Breathing techniques

* Learn how to use the Law of Karma to improve your life

* Learn the simple & powerful Meditation on Twin Hearts

This two day course will be taught by senior pranic healing instructor Marilette Liongson and is internationally certified by the Institute for Inner Studies. Marilette has been practicing and teaching pranic healing for thirty years and studied directly under Master Choa Kok Sui.

GMCKS Basic Pranic Healing can be used to treat simple common ailments such as: headache, migraine, eye strain, earache, sore throats, colds, fever, stomach pain, diarrhoea, dysmenorrhea, muscle pain and spasm, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, minor burns, cuts and contusions, sunburn, skin allergies, boils, insomnia, tiredness and general weakness.

The basic course also leads onto advanced pranic healing where we use specific colour pranas to accelerate the healing process, pranic psychotherapy, as well as prosperity and spiritual courses such as Kriyashakti, Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, and Arhatic Yoga, and many more. 

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